Object Permanence Project, Week Four: Baby clothes

Following the Marie Kondo system, I thought I would be moving onto papers this week (skipping books; I'm perfectly happy with the state of my books), but I realized I had more clothes to get rid of. Baby clothes.

I am told that these are among the hardest things to purge, but for me they just aren't. I almost feel as if I'm "cheating" this week because of how easy this was for me. Much easier than my own things!

I am not a very sentimental mother, and while we do want a second child some day, I don't feel the need to hang on to all of A's old clothes thinking that maybe we'll use them again. Rather than giving them to charity, we send his things along to friends of ours who have a little boy just a few months younger than A. We'll get them back again if and when we need them, and in the meantime they'll see some more use. Baby clothes aren't really an own-forever sort of thing in my book. Therefore, this is what I am letting go of this week:

And, in keeping with the same thing, these are what I choose to keep in my life:

I'm not devoid of ALL maternal sentiment!

Truthfully, though, I am determined to keep nothing from among A's baby things that I cannot reasonably a) put in his baby album, b) keep in daily use, or c) reasonably expect that children of the next generation may want it. 

This little hat and shirt are in category a; each will easily fit into a page protector and be put into his album. 

I try to be discreet about posting pictures of A on teh interwebz, and I just posted one last week, but I will share also a pic of A wearing this very outfit while still quite small. In fact, we're still in the hospital here (a different hospital); he had neonatal sepsis and needed a week of IV antibiotics, hence the swathe of bandages on his left arm. We were trying to keep a line in.

That's it for this week. Stay tuned for more "Object Permanence" every Sunday, as well as bookish and Quakerly goodness throughout the week.