Book Blogging Plans and Directions (dear readers: should I also blog about writing and editing?)

So you know that whole blogging-every-book-I-read idea? Not working out so hot, mostly given my lack of planning. In the future, I am pretty interested in another go at blogging every book; I think it would be really fun. HOWEVER, I have also learned that it will require a lot of planning, especially setting aside dedicated chunks of time to blog (as opposed to just blogging when I can), and carefully pre-scheduling posts.

I have lots of ideas on how to accomplish this, but you know when I am NOT going to accomplish this? April. And why I am not going to accomplish this in April?


April is National Poetry Month, and I have been participating in a poetry-writing challenge with some friends. Each of us is committing to writing a draft poem a day during the month of April. Periodically we plan to meet (we haven't yet) and go over each other's material with an eye towards picking out drafts that have something to them. All of us are interested in potential publication.

I'm really enjoying this, but it is obviously taking up scads of my reading and writing time. I don't see any reason I won't be able to keep up my semi-regular book-blogging, but I CERTAINLY won't be blogging every book.

But here's a thought I had: would you, lovely readers, be interested if if I ALSO began blogging about the process of writing and preparing work for submission to lit journals, complete with depressing rejection letters? I think I could have some interesting perspectives on the subject, as I also work on the other end; I read poetry for one mag and edit poetry for another.

What do all y'all think? And if I have to choose between blogging every book and blogging about writing and editing, which would you choose? One would mean a much higher volume of posts from me; the other would mean a wider variety of subject matter.